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Pretty Handmades by Lauren Wright of Molly and Mama

Ok, I gotta be honest.  I’ve been trying to think how I could spin this post about Lauren Wright’s debut book, Pretty Handmades, to make myself look good, or at the very least, save a bit of face, but there are some moments when you just gotta stand and face the music.

I mean, I could complain about how my brain isn’t functioning at full capacity of late, and blame newborn sleep patterns.  Or I could whinge about how newborns (this one, in particular) and children in general are a time blackhole, sucking in every second of the day so that you’re left, quite often, wondering how on earth it’s 9pm already and you’ve only just finished tidying the kitchen.  Or I could whine about how the simplest sewing activities take me ten times as long as they take the average Jo, because I have to get up about ten million times to feed/water the children…………………………………

Yeah, I could try to shift the blame as much as I want, but that doesn’t change the cold, hard, irrefutable fact.

And that fact is… I’m a terrible hand-stitcher. Continue Reading →