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Quilt Petite Liberty Rose in Tilda

It’s my day on the Quilt Petite blog hop, so welcome to my little pocket of the ‘interweb’!

It’s always a pleasure to be able to help someone celebrate the release of something new, and as writing a book is something that has always been on my ‘to do list’ it was particularly lovely to be asked by Sedef to help her celebrate the release of ‘Quilt Petite’.  And also because I came up with the name.  Sorry just had to throw that one in.  Again.

The Quilt Petite Blog Hop

It really didn’t take me long (0.45 seconds, I’d say) to decide what I wanted to make.  It was truly a case of opening the book, seeing the Liberty Rose project and knowing EXACTLY what I was going to make in that exact moment.

With the end of the school year upon us (Thank the Lord! Anyone else over it like me?) I’ve had the old ‘present for the teacher’ thing rattling around in my head, and as I’m usually a ‘Sorry I didn’t wrap the present because truth be told I actually purchased it on the way to the party’ kind of person, I really didn’t want to do this for our first teacher experience.  Which has, in fact, been a lovely experience and I have felt very blessed that Rosie has had a teacher who cares for the children and whom Rosie cares for in return.

And because Rosie is a Rose, well, the Liberty Rose project was just perfect, to say the least.  Except I’ve changed it to the Tilda Rose, because that’s what I’ve used.

Quilt Petite Liberty Rose in TildaSedef’s instructions are very clear and well explained.  (If only I would read them properly, instead of jumping ahead hee hee!  But I know I’m not the only person to do that.)  I had no trouble at all with doing what Sedef asked, except I didn’t invest in a pair of curved scissors as advised, which probably would have made my life a whole lot easier, so I recommend doing that.

I followed Sedef’s lead for the colours and chose similar prints from my Tilda scraps.  Which are in abundance.  I really need to make more scrappy projects to use them all up!  I didn’t have any grey linen, and I didn’t want to spend any money so I used a simple light blue quilting cotton from my stash, which I think goes beautifully with the Tilda theme.

Quilt Petite Liberty Rose in Tilda

And, because I was running short on time and was already going to be doing a lot of hand-stitching on the back, I decided to use a zig-zag stitch as a feature on the front, and machine quilted it ‘in the ditch’.

I really wanted this to be something special for Mrs Rodger.  Something Shirley can look back on in time and remember Rosie by, so I personalised it with a little message from Rosie to Shirley, hand-stitched in Rosie’s writing, with a sweet little heart and flower motif, also drawn by Rosie.  I have to say, I am so impressed with the Preps and their reading and writing skills!  So young, but Rosie just loves to read and write!

Quilt Petite Liberty Rose in Tilda

dgl-scissors-textHow cute is that!?

Well, you get a perfect ten from me for this project, Sedef.  I really enjoyed it, it was a speedy make, I’m really happy with the finished product, and Mrs Rodger loved it too (we gave it to her after school on Friday)!  Thanks for making my end of year teacher present so easy, Sedef!

The Quilt Petite Blog Hop

Now, to finish this post off I have to announce the winner of the Quilt Petite book I am giving away!  Thanks to the entries – I wish I could give you all something, but sadly my Santa sack only has one book in it.  I make a very sorry Santa, don’t I!

I really enjoy reading the comments, but the one that I enjoyed the most was Melissa‘s – she said:

I would love to make the cushion on the cover of Quilt Petite first and I would change the shoes to some Converse for my own unique flair!

Congratulations Melissa!  Make sure you send us photos of the project when it’s done!  Love the idea of the Converse shoes!

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    Hi What a neat post! Yes! It’s a TEN! Love your inspiration>Thanks for sharing!

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      December 6, 2016 at 1:13 pm

      Thanks Linda! It’s a great project. I definitely recommend it! 🙂

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