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    Quilt Petite | A Blog Hop & Giveaway!

    A Quilt Petite Giveaway from Wife-made

    Quilt Petite by Sedef of Down Grapevine Lane I am very excited to be able to help my friend Sedef, of Down Grapevine Lane, celebrate the release of her first book, Quilt Petite, which she has released and published in collaboration with Tuva Publishing!

    Sedef is hosting a Quilt Petite Blog Hop for the release with some pretty amazing creatives!  My date is December 3 (which is actually December 4 for us Aussies!), but I thought I’d get in a bit early and announce a giveaway I’ll be hosting for the Blog Hop!  Everyone loves a giveaway right??

    But first things first, let me say a couple of things about this book…

    1. It’s good.  And I’m not just saying that because Sedef’s my friend and I like her and she’s nice and clever and all that.  It’s a good book and it deserves a place in your bookshelf – after you’ve made everything in it, of course!  It has a great range of projects – some simpler, which are perfect for newbies to the sewing world (and Sedef also gives clear explanations and instructions!), but then it caters to more experienced quilters and sewists too.
    2. I named it.  Oh, and I named the Pretty On-point Placemat – hee hee!  Sedef and I love a good brainstorming session.  I usually like to throw in a few curveballs just to get the creative juices running, and it gives us a good laugh.  But we pretty much always come up with something in the end.  So it really is a collaborative effort.  Brainstorming names is fun.  You should try it!  (Yes, I’m weird like that.)

    There are a couple of projects in Quilt Petite that are my particular favourites.  Exhibit 1: Nebula.

    Nebula from Quilt Petite by Sedef Imer

    I think Sedef really belted the ball out of the stadium with this one.  When I first saw it I was like, ‘Wow.’  But it was, you know, that kind of ‘Wow’ where your head moves back a little and turns to the side a bit, and you actually don’t say the word very loudly because you’re a bit surprised at how good it is, but you’re not actually that surprised, but then you are.  You know that kind of ‘Wow’?  And it wasn’t surprise that Sedef could do something so well, it was more surprise that, well, it actually really does look like what I see in my mind’s eye when I think of the word ‘Nebula’.  Nicely done, Sedef, nicely done.

    My other personal favourite is right at the other end of the quilting spectrum – a lot less modern and a lot more pretty!  Exhibit 2: the Dresden Cushion.  Lauren of Molly & Mama did a fantastic Liberty version of it for the Blog Hop!

    Molly & Mama's Dresden CushionI’ve never made a Dresden before, and I’m keen.  I’m actually part way through a vintage style sampler quilt and I think I’d like to add Sedef’s Dresden pattern to it.  But I’m going keep it full, rather than cut into it like in Sedef’s cushion, and I found a sweet little vintage linen crochet edged doily that is the PERFECT size for the centre!

    The Quilt Petite Blog Hop

    The Quilt Petite Blog Hop commenced on November 6 and it finishes on December 11, so we’re already well into it.  Here are the dates so you can pop over to all the blogs that have already posted, and follow along on the ones to come.  Today it’s Keera’s turn over at Live.Love.Sew!

    November 6: Sedef at Down Grapevine Lane
    November 7: Wynn at Zakka Art
    November 8: Sarah at A Little Happy Place
    November 9: Bridgette at The Family Hearth
    November 10: Heidi at Fabric Mutt
    November 11: Minki at Minki’s Work Table
    November 12: Ange at A Little Patchwork
    November 13: Lauren at Molly and Mama
    November 14: Michelle at Cole & Taffy
    November 15: Nadra at Ellis & Higgs
    November 16: Amy at Nana Company
    November 17: Faith at Sarana Ave
    November 18: Debbie at Happy Little Cottage
    November 19: Erin at Why Not Sew
    November 20: Amanda at Jedi Craft Girl
    November 21: Melissa at Oh How Sweet
    November 22: Stacy at Stacy Olson Design
    November 23: Ayda at Cafe Nohut
    November 24: Peta at She Quilts A Lot
    November 25: Amanda at A Crafty Fox
    November 26: Keera at Live Love Sew
    November 27: Sharon at Lilabelle Lane
    November 28: Kate at The Homemakery
    November 29: Jemima at Tied With A Ribbon
    November 30: Jodie at Ric Rac
    December 1: Anorina at Samelia’s Mum
    December 2: Alisha at Ministry of Fabric
    December 3: Xanthe at Wife-made
    December 4: Cheri at Tinker With This
    December 5: Kristyne at Pretty By Hand
    December 6: Kimberly at Fat Quarter Shop
    December 7: Veronica at Vivid Felicity
    December 8: Shari at Doohikey Designs
    December 9: Jina at Jina Barney Designz
    December 10: Emma at Emma Jean Jansen
    December 11: Sedef at Down Grapevine Lane

    A Quilt Petite Giveaway from Wife-made


    So, now we’ve got the formalities out of the way, would you like to win a copy of Quilt Petite to add to your sewing book collection?  If so, just leave a comment on this post telling me what YOU would make first if you won a copy of Quilt Petite, and how you would individualise the project to make it YOURS!  I will choose the entry that I think sounds the most original and interesting, and announce the winner on my Blog Hop day (December 3 for my international followers and December 4 for my Aussie followers!).  This giveaway is open to worldwide entrants and will close at midnight on December 2, 2016.



    P.S.  Don’t forget to enter Sedef’s Quilt Petite giveaway too!