Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt & Tilda Cottage | A Free Pattern!

Free Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt Pattern by Wife-made

The clock is a tickin’, the year is nearly over, it’s nearly Christmas day!  KUH-RAY-ZEE!  Where has this year gone??  (Don’t ask me.  I’ve spent most of it hussling kids and walking around in a zombie-like, new-baby state.)  So much has happened, but in some ways, so little has happened!  On the one hand we have a new (and final! OH SO FINAL!) member in our family – sweet, and precious, and so very fat, baby Leo; and on the other hand I have certainly felt the constraint of having a fourth child.  I am normally a ‘get out there’ kinda girl, but the thought of hitting the shops or parks or groceries or anything with four kids in tow has not been very appealing.  There is no such thing as a short outing anymore – not when it takes you 10 minutes to get everyone IN the car and then another 10 minutes to get everyone OUT of the car, and then that again for the return trip!  So we have been significantly house bound by choice since May.  The older kids have certainly felt the impact, even though they may not be able to verbalise it.  But, we have all survived quite a topsy-turvy year and I feel like I’m just starting to come out of that newborn baby fog. Continue Reading →