Lovebird Quilt Pattern

Wife-made Lovebird Quilt Pattern

The Lovebird Quilt Pattern is finally here!

There were moments when I thought it was never going to happen, but we made it!  And I’m pleased.  Yep.  ‘Pleased’ is the best way to describe how I feel about this latest release.  I’m pleased I made it to the end.  I’m pleased my pattern portfolio is growing (albeit slowly).  I’m pleased that I’ve added another notch to my ‘designer’ belt.  (And my husband’s probably pleased the pattern has been released because yesterday I cleaned the house.)

The Lovebird Quilt pattern is now available in my shop for digital download!

The design came about while I was researching ideas for the release of the Tilda fabric collection, Harvest.  Even though it was inspired by the feathers of a bird, it really looks like offset hearts, and this is what most people see when they look at it, so I felt ‘Lovebird’ was an appropriate name because it touches on both aspects. Continue Reading →

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