The heart and soul behind Wife-made? Original sewing pattern designs that you can make yourself {and make your own}, to lovely pieces {made by my hands} to help you craft {your home}.

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Hello 2019 & Hello Change! | New branding

If you’re a regular Wife-made follower on the Instas or Facie, you may have noticed there’s been a few changes around these parts.  The most obvious change is the new branding – which I LOVE! – but also, deep down inside ME there’s been a lot of changes happening too.  (Not pregnant.  Soz.)  A change […]

Finding Colour Confidence with Saija Elina

Finding Colour Confidence with Saija Elina

Hello again!  We’re currently circling the land of Colour Confidence, which means we’re almost there, and preparing for landing!  This week, I really want us to appreciate colour in all its magnificence.  Which will be easy, because today’s interviewee is amazing at {all the colours}! I have long been an admirer of Saija Elina’s beautiful […]

Quince & Blood Orange Slice - Wife-made

Quince & Blood Orange Slice Recipe

Quince hold happy memories for me.  Whenever I see their fuzz-covered, bulgy yellow skins in the fruit section of the grocery store my mind immediately skips back in time.   …Dad, home for lunch, sitting at the kitchen table… …the brown tinge of the yellow-skinned quince sliced up in front of him… …the purse of his […]