Wife-made - About Xanthe

Hi! I’m Xanthe, the creative behind Wife-made.

I’m Mum to 4 beautiful {but oh so cheeky} kids and wife to 1 understanding and very funny {but don’t tell him that} husband.  I love to laugh.  I love to eat.  And I love to create.

Our home is our sanctuary.  The place we go to recharge.  Relax.  Be with our loved ones.  To escape the busy-ness {and insanity} of the outside world.  And, as I’ve endeavoured to make a home for my {not so little} family…

…I’ve come to believe that a home should be etched with the fingerprints of those who live within its walls.

A home should be filled with the {essence of you}.  From the wall art that lifts your spirits each morning and the flavours of the food that nourishes your body, to the touch of the bedding that warms you at night.  And just as every fingerprint is unique, so should be every home.

Wife-made is all about {home} and the {precious} souls who live in it. And from this wellspring of inspiration come contemporary quilting and sewing patterns for nostalgic modern quilters.

Made on the Gold Coast, Australia.  By Hand.  {With Lotsa Heart.}