12771662_842534465869883_1447813215643691071_oHi! My name is Xanthe, the woman behind Wife-made.

My passion is to make by hand and cook from scratch.

Even though I have cooked and sewed since I can’t remember when, becoming a wife and a mother reinvigorated my interest in these simple, homely acts.   After the birth of my first child, they became another way for me to express my love and devotion for my family and friends, without actually needing to say those three little words.

Creativity comes with practice, the more you create, the more creative you become.

I never thought I was creative.  I started out following recipes and patterns, creating from other people’s ideas, because I liked what I saw someone wearing or pictures in recipe books looked tasty.  I did this for many years, making things for myself, learning different crafts, and simply finding joy in the act of creating something.  And then one day, I started to notice little ‘sparks’ of creativity while I worked.  “I could do this differently” I’d say to myself, or “Wouldn’t it would be much easier if I made it like this…?”.  If I didn’t have a particular cooking ingredient I would scour my pantry in search of a suitable replacement, rather than traipse out to the shops.  My creativity grew as I nurtured it, as I expanded my knowledge and learned new things.  I’m definitely a ‘Jill of All Trades’ and most probably a master of none, but that’s the way I like it – if there’s something new out there to learn I’ll be one of the first to put my hand up!

To make something for someone is a gift within which the whole is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts.

From start to finish, I find the act of creating extremely fulfilling.  I usually have some kind of craft on the go, but if you look around my home you may wonder if that’s true.  My home is not full of handmade goodness, as much as I’d love it to be.  Most of what I create is given away as gifts, because for me to create with someone special in mind takes the creative process to a whole new level.  As I cook and sew I often think about the one who the item is intended for, considering their individual tastes and imagining what they’ll say when I present them with the fruits of my labour.  Admittedly, it’s not a selfless act because I get a huge kick out of the enjoyment my creation brings to the person I give it to.  It is a labour of love (with a lot less labour and a whole lot of love).

If you say you can’t, you won’t; but…

Don’t try to tell me you can’t cook or sew or craft, because I will. not. believe. you.  In fact, if you asked me, I’d probably say something profound, like “Well, my friend, it is my opinion that we have all been made inherently creative; perhaps some of us just need to dig a little deeper to find it.”  And you would put your hand to your chin and nod, thoughtfully.  I firmly believe that anyone can cook, or sew, or craft.  Yes, you can!  Sure, it may take you a few lessons and there may be some eye-rolling and loud sighs from an impatient teacher (if so, ditch him/her and find another) and you may never be the best in the world at what you do, but you’ll never know if you never try.  Like most things worth waiting for (like chocolate self-saucing pudding, for example) you need to invest the time to make it worth waiting for.  So it is with creativity.  Now, I know you have some somewhere… so go and find it!

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