About Wife-made

Stemming from a deep appreciation for the timeless techniques of traditional textile arts and crafts, and a love for mid-century modern design, Wife-made designs reflect both the nostalgia of yesteryear and the freshness of current trends.

By incorporating modern colour palettes with retrospective shapes and patterns (or vice versa), I create contemporary and evergreen designs that can be tailored to reflect personal taste, while crafting an heirloom piece to be handed down through the generations.

Where it all began

The Wife-made story begins as many often do – cue the high school graduate with creative dreams, who takes the ‘safe’ route and studies International Business and Commerce, gets married, has kids and rediscovers her creativity underneath an enormous pile of laundry and dirty nappies.

Hi!  I’m Xanthe.  My creativity stems from my family heritage, and I have many memories of my Grandma’s and Aunts’ beautiful pastel paintings, and my Yia-yia’s finely crocheted bedspreads.

From a young age, I was encouraged by my Mum to try my hand at various traditional crafts including sewing my own clothes, quilting, hand-embroidery and smocking; and while I still love to dabble in various crafts, my passions lie in sewing, quilting, drawing and painting.

I live on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia, with my husband, Daniel, and our four kids.

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