What a joy Christmas has been this year!  So much fun with little ones in the house.  As per usual, I was awake with the Rosebud quite early, and it felt like a lifetime before Bubby Boy finally woke up.  I really had to stop myself from wiggling his fat little toes, or tickling his fat little thighs to try and rouse him from his slumber.  Why is it when you want to get up early, they sleep in??  But awake he finally did and we were able to start our day.


We began a couple of new traditions this year.  The first one on Christmas Eve – after we put the kids to bed the husband and I sat down to a slice of Christmas pudding with custard.  It’s from the last, and extremely boozy, tier of our four and a half year old wedding cake, and it’s absolutely delicious.  There’s still some left, even after all the guests we’ve had through the house, and I think I’ll be quite sad when the last piece is gone.


The second tradition we started on Christmas morning.  We all sat together on the lounge and read the Christmas story, and then prayed together as a family.  A really lovely way to start the day, not to mention the hectic five days that followed with guests coming and going.  There has been much eating, drinking and general merry-making and I have thoroughly enjoyed (exhausted) myself.


In the lead up to Christmas I had so many plans of all the wonderful gifts I was going to make everyone – dinosaur tails for all the kids, a dress for myself, preserves for my lovely girlfriends to name a few.  Needless to say, I only ticked two items off my handmade list.  Both for the Rosebud, but at least I got them done.  I think, as I usually do, I may have set my expectations a little too high…

But I’m very glad I got this little luggage tag finished, to go on her own little travel bag.  We’re going on a holiday soon, and the Rosebud is extremely excited.



“We go on big pwane, Mummy?”
“We go holiday, Mummy?”
“We go zoo-eum?” (We’ve told her we’re going to the zoo and the museum, so not sure which this is!)

Again, another present that I know she doesn’t fully appreciate now, but I think when we’re walking through the airport and she’s able to put her own specially-named luggage along, she’ll appreciate it then.

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