I don’t know about you, but for me, packing for a few days away is nearly as bad as packing for a 7 week overseas holiday.  No matter how organised I try to be I am always running around at the last minute like a headless chicken, mentally ticking things off the ‘Must Do Before We Leave’ and ‘Absolutely Must Not Forget’ lists.

There’s a bit of a running joke in our household about how I always manage to pack badly for myself.  For example, we got married in May.  May = end of Autumn = cool weather.  No brainer.  For our honeymoon Daniel organised a house in Byron Bay.  At the beach.  But, in my un-beached mind, beach = hot.  No matter what season, and despite the fact that Byron Bay is in northern New South Wales.

So I packed for Summer.  And, in true end-of-Autumn fashion, it was cold and wet.  And there I was, in my slappers and jeans (one of the few warm things I did manage to pack), trying to keep warm while berating my new husband for not telling me it was going to be cold.  He did say, after all, that we were going to the beach.

This time I actually managed to pack for myself without forgetting anything.  And I even managed to make a new hat for the Rosebud the morning before we left.  Nothing like a bit of last minute sewing to get the juices flowing.

See that look on her face?  That pretty much describes what she thinks about the hat.

But I like it.  And, at 15 months old, that’s all that matters 🙂  I used the Oliver + S Bucket Hat pattern and widened the brim (like here) to make sure all that beautiful skin was well protected.  And I added a pom-pom edging for a bit of pretty (like here).  The great thing about this hat pattern is that I’ll be able to make one for the little boy that will be joining our family around Christmas time.

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