I’ve been doing a bit of work on Rosie’s bedroom.

I realised the other day I had created a monster. I had this vision, you see. This vision of vintage, thrown together with a bit of modern, a splash of colour here and there, nothing too ‘planned’, but rather a mish-mash of things that just happened to look good together. Like all those styled bedrooms you see on Pinterest that the stylist has spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on and many many hours working really hard to make it look like they didn’t… That was my vision. Without the hard work.

But instead, I created pink.  And pretty.  And vintage.  And more vintage.  And no modern.  Nope, not a scrape.

So I started again.

Well, I actually just bought some decals from Jacki at Wall Effect.  My friend Sarah of Ric-Rac and Retro convinced me to go with black, which wouldn’t have been my first choice, but now that I’ve got them, BAM!  It works, baby!  Sarah saw my vision, and she nailed it.  Even my husband loves the dots.  And so does Lewis – ‘pots’ he says whenever he seems them.  But most importantly, Rosie loves them.

I love how the dots take the vintage look to a whole new level.  Vintage, with a bit of modern thrown in. Why, one might even call it ‘modern vintage’.

I also threw together a brightly coloured pom-pom tassel (or pong-pongs, as Rosie calls them) to hang by the window.

And, I’ve got a ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Wall Pocket (from Ayumi Mills’ book Patchwork Please!) in the works to hang at the end of the bed.

And I feel like its on the way again…


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