How it can possibly be the middle of February and I haven’t been back here to let you know about my latest pattern add-on is beyond me.  And that I’m already 25 weeks through my fourth pregnancy completely evades comprehension.

I feel like this year is flying by and I feel so much pressure to make sure I stop and smell the roses when I can!  Perhaps it is the reality of having a fourth child that is making me feel nostalgic and worried that I’m going to miss something in their childhood… but I am trying to take time to just ‘take time’.  To sit and eat morning tea with the kids instead of rushing around trying to get this and that done.  To spend 20 minutes pushing Ezra on the swing, listening to his constant swing mantra ‘wing… wing… wing… wing..’, while Lewis leaps and punches the air around me, chattering about the new red Power Ranger and all his sick moves.  And then, when Rosie comes home from school to help her wash off the dust of the day, to chat to her and engage with her and, above all, to make sure she knows she’s just as important to me as the boys, even though we aren’t together most of the day.  And then somehow, in amongst all this, to appreciate this fourth and final pregnancy and this little one inside me; to take the time to soak up the kicks and hiccups and tiredness, because it is {most definitely} the last.

So now that I’ve written all that down I can see why I haven’t been back here since December!  Because life takes time.  And I’ve made it sound like I haven’t had time to do anything else, which isn’t the case, because my house is the cleanest it’s been in a while and I released a new wing pattern add-on in January, and I’ve been working on two secret sewing projects behind the scenes that I haven’t been able to share anything about, and to top it all off, I’ve started a really strict autoimmune diet that means I have to spend at least an afternoon a week preparing food so that I don’t give in and eat all the things that make me sick!  Phew!

Anywho, let’s talk about what this post was truly intended for – my newest Wife-made Butterfly Wing Pattern Add-on – Bumblebee Wings!

Wife-made Bumblebee Wings Pattern Add-on

Wife-made Bumblebee WingsThis is Hazel.  Such a pretty little bumblebee!

Wife-made Bumblebee WingsWife-made Bumblebee Wings

It was a stinker of a day when my photographer, Chrystal, of Poetic Light Photography, took her out to snap some pics.  Over 40 degrees.  And if I’d been expected to play it up for the camera in uncomfortable dress up clothes with annoying wings on my back in extreme Summer heat, you can bet I’d have way more photos than just one looking like this…Her little red face and sweaty hair!

Wife-made Bumblebee Wings

These wings were designed with the latest Tilda collection ‘Bumblebee’ in mind, and are a nod to one of nature’s under-rated creatures.  The Bumblebee add-on includes two wings sizes and two different applique layouts that can be used with the original Butterfly wing pattern, and it is currently available as a PDF download in my webshop or Etsy store.

If you’re making wings with any of my patterns I’d love to see!  You can email photos to me, or tag your Instagram photo with any (or all!) of the following hashtags – #wifemadebutterflywings #wifemadebumblebeewings #wifemadelacewings

Wife-made Bumblebee Wings