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Wife-made Leilani Pattern

A test of perseverance…

If you were a subscriber to my email list, then you’ll know that I recently wrote to you about my word for the year – perseverance. Well, today I am facing the ULTIMATE test of perseverance. Ok, ok. Maybe that’s taking it a bit too far… How about PENULTIMATE? Still too much? Well, let me […]

Speed Clean

Speed clean: 10 minutes to change your life!

Becoming a mother of four has lead to various life changes.  Firstly, less sleep.  Secondly, personal toileting time that is inversely related to an increase in time spent toileting four other people in my house.  Thirdly, more wrinkles.  And fourthly, dark eye circles that no Estée Lauder potion can boast to cure.

5 Solo-parenting Hacks that work!

Solo-parenting: 5 hacks to save your sanity!

Do you do the solo-parenting two step?  It goes something like two steps forward, 5 steps back…  at least, that’s how it feels when you’re in the thick of it. Solo-parenting is a tough gig.  You’re on call 24/7.  You eat on the run.  Your hair-do is more like a hair-don’t.  Your eyes look a […]

Wife-made Upcycled & Homemade Gifts

Upcycled and Homemade Midwife Gifts

Want to put your vintage finds to good use?  Mix up a batch of your favourite cookies and give them away! I recently gifted these vintage platters and tea cup set with some homemade Greek shortbread (Kourambiethes) to my lovely midwives.  I wrapped them up in brown paper and string and added a little hand […]

Baby Leo

Baby Leo – aka Leo David Grundy, born on the 19th May 2017, some time after 11 o’clock in the morning, weighing 2910g or 6lb 7oz. Currently learning to put up with constant adoration and cuddles from Lewis, unintended (I think…) physical harm from Ezra, and being referred to as the cutest baby ever by Rose. […]

Winter flus and a visit to The Farm

We’ve had about a month of illness in our family.  A whole month of wiping snotty noses, dealing out doses of Panadol (and secretly hoping that it will encourage less waking and more sleeping), and very little sewing or anything else really.  I’m choosing to look at it positively and see the beginning of school life […]