More Tendre Crochet / And life.

More Tendre Crochet / And life.

Meet Gudule.

She’s a sweet wee thing, a bit shy and reserved, but ever so willing to snuggle up to you on a cold Winter’s night.

See, I told you, I am head over heels in love with Sandrine’s Tendre Crochet patterns!  They come together so beautifully – you can’t help but be happy with the finished product.

I love that I also got to use some more of my favourite Japanese lawn cotton for her scarf, which you may remember from this dress, as well as the cushions above and previously seen here…  I’m nearly out of it, but I have a chunk left to do something with… one day… after I’ve made all the things I already have on my “Half done / Want to do” To Do list.  Gosh, that list is soooooo long!


I’m currently beavering away in my sewing burrow, readying things for the one market I do each year.  It holds a special place in my heart because I get to go home to Emerald to see my family, which is a rare thing these days.  Since my Dad’s passing Mum has had to work to support herself and it is hard for both of us to find the time and money to travel the distance to see each other.

I’ve got big plans for this market – both for the stock and for the styling of my stall, but I tell you, this baby I’m cooking ain’t makin’ it easy!  For the last week I’ve felt certain that I must be growing something really important like a brain stem or something.  So tired.  Some days I feel great and I power on getting enormous amounts done, but those are often followed by days where I feel I can hardly lift a limb.  Ah well – at least I’m not leaving it ’til the last minute…  Just gotta keep going!

My current addiction

My current addiction

Just in case you don’t know, a Punny is a cross between a Pear and a Bunny.

Have you seen the Pears around Instagram lately?  They’re all inspired by this amazing book, Tendre Crochet by Sandrine of the blog Tournicote.

Sandrine makes the loveliest crochet items, and her patterns are easy (except they require translation from French to English.  So I’m basically fluent in French crochet terms now!).

I am currently addicted to this book.  Several evenings of late have been spent on the couch next to my husband with the lounge room light on (much to my husband’s disgust – he hates watching TV with the light on – but really, he gets my presence so that should balance things out) crocheting my little heart out.

So this little Punny is simply a combination of the pear pattern, Pirum Parum, and the ears from the pattern you can see on the book’s front cover.  I lengthened them slightly, just to make sure they had the right amount of ‘flop’ to them.  And then, of course, I added a pom-pom tail and a bunny nose.

Oh, what a wabbit!


Off to the library

Off to the library

One of my favourite things to do on a Monday is go to our local library.  The kids love it, particularly Rosie.  We sit together at a tiny little table – kids’ size of course, so my knees are up around my ears…  And we read books.



It’s fun.  It’s very relaxing.  It’s precious time together.  Perfect for a Monday, don’t you think?





Despite how it looks in the photo below, Lewis also loves the library.  Because there are cool animal bookshelves he can growl at.  And a padded seat thingy he can climb on when mummy/the counter lady isn’t looking.




Lewis also finds the library very relaxing.  I know this, because without fail, every single time, he does a poo.



I think this Summer is going to be a stinker.  It’s already warm here, which doesn’t bode well for this little cool weather loving, hot blooded gal! *sigh*



But what it does mean is outdoor fun and activities that don’t get much of a look-in in cooler weather.  Things like vegetable/finger/foot painting, for instance!  Because there’s not much that’s appealing about putting little tootsies in cold, wet paint on a cold Winter’s day.  But it certainly is fun making messes like this when the sun is shining and the bees are buzzing and the day is just generally lovely.



I’m sure there’s a number of developmental benefits that can be derived from finger painting, but I can’t actually tell you what they are.  All I know is it’s fun and messy, and that’s probably what matters most at this age!


I hope your days are filled with as much sunshine and colour as ours are!  And if, where you are, the sun ain’t shinin’ outside, make sure it’s shinin’ inside.



Mondays aren’t manic in our household.  They’re a day for rest and recuperation after what is often a busy weekend.  We don’t usually go out on a Monday.  I prefer to stay at home, do a few odd jobs here and there, and just ease into the coming week.  And I love it when the kids just play.   It doesn’t happen often, or for long, but sometimes they will entertain themselves with a spare mattress pulled out from under a bed, hiding under the covers and pretending to be in a cave.  Or dress-ups might be the order of the day, and I am transformed into a lady’s maid, constantly doing up buttons, rolling up sleeves and hitching up skirts that are far too long and cumbersome for wee little legs.



But as is most often the case with a nearly-two-year-old and a three-year-old, I am usually expected to be the source of all things engaging.  And as I cannot believe I’m Robinson Crusoe in situations like this, I thought I’d aim to provide some inspiration for your Mondays (or whatever day is your R&R day) – for when the brain is fuzzy, the body is tired and thinking up entertaining activites for kidlets to do is certainly not the easiest thing to do.





Where I am in Australia, you’ll find a tried and true recipe for playdough on the back of a box of Cream of Tartar.  And a little tip, add a bit more oil, and when the kids are finished playing with the playdough, roll it around in a tiny little bit more oil, working it in.  I find this helps keep the playdough moist.  Then wrap it in plastic wrap, chuck it in a container and whack it in the fridge!  All ready for the next time you need some mindless kiddie entertainment.




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