Last night I worked like a machine.  Honestly, I don’t know what got into me, but the husband was out, the kids were in bed and I was on FIRE!  And four finished cushion covers are the result.

The cushion tops have been staring at me for a while now.  Pleading with me with their big, sad unfinished edges to “Puhlease!” be made into something useful.  But I had misplaced me ‘sewjo’ and was ignoring their unwelcome pleas.


But yesterday I found my sewjo again.  Surprise!  ‘Someone’ had hidden it under that purple and chartreuse cushion top, so when I finally forced myself to look at the pile again I saw the edge of it peeking out.  Darn cheeky thing.  But I guess that’ll learn me for leaving something unfinished for so long… (Probably not.)

I will at some point post a pattern for the purple and chartreuse cushion top.  I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while (have seen them over in Pinterestland a fair bit).  I couldn’t find any measurements on the net anywhere so I had to make my own up, which I’ll happily share with you at some point.  I’ve called it my ‘Mis-matched Matchsticks’ Cushion.  So stay tuned for that!

I styled the cushion above around Heather Ross’s Briar Rose range, which sadly I am starting to run out of. Not sure if I’ll buy more of it… but I do love it so!  Very bright and cheery.  It also has a combination of modern and vintage fabrics – of course!

This next cushion was the result of me playing with bits and pieces.  I was originally going to make a traditional patchwork but then I started fiddling and decided to do a pinwheel.  The back is from the lovely Verna Mosquera Rosewater range.  Soft and pretty.

And then there’s this one.  Modern vintage to a T.  A combination of vintage Sanderson upholstery fabric and a bright, modern pom-pom trim!

All waiting patiently to go to new homes.

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