It has only taken me a very. long. time. to get this free Easter embroidery pattern finished and ready for you to use.  Everything seems to be taking a very long time at the moment.  Including this pregnancy.  Although, when I say out loud that I’m 32 weeks I realise that it’s actually flown by, and before I know it I’ll be holding my fourth-born in my arms… Yikes!

But before I jump too far ahead of myself, I’m very glad to be able to finally provide this cute little (and free!) Easter chicken embroidery.  And with more than a week to spare before Easter Sunday, I’d say I’ve outdone myself 😉

I love the thought of making things that my children will use for years to come.  Or at least in this case, that I will pull out each year, and fill with Easter goodies for them.  I think it’s these little things that make lovely memories for kids.

Four little chickens for four little children… one yet to be named, who we are still waiting to meet (although I am well acquainted with his inconvenient posterior position and various appendages that like to poke me in the ribs and front of my belly!).  I embroidered each chicken with each child in mind.  Bright and full colour for Rose (who, by the way, no longer likes being called Rosie, only Rose.  You’ve been warned.), with a band of flowers around its fluffy head.  I added a blue bow tie for the new baby – who we’ve been told is a boy.  An orange check bow-tie for Ezra, to match his kooky, comedic personality.  And no bow-tie for Lewis.  He was very clear about that.  Just plain and simple.  My kids have very clear and distinct personalities.  They know who they are already, in many ways.

To add the bow-ties, I simple cut a small rectangle of fabric and then stitched around the centre a few times to secure it in place.

I used the fantastic (and also free!) tutorial for the Lined Drawstring Bag tutorial from Jeni of In Color Order, and just pieced the front to fit my embroidery which I trimmed to 6″ x 5″.  Rose’s bag is made from Art Gallery Fabric’s Joyful Fusion collection, which I purchased from Utopian Threads.  I actually purchased this collection for another purpose, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use it when I realised the colour palette matched the flowers on the chick’s head perfectly!

You can download the Wife-made Little Easter Chickens Free Embroidery Pattern here.  I hope you have some fun with it!  And be sure to tag #wifemade on Instagram if you happen to snap some pics of your work!

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