Espalier Quilt Pattern

It’s the Espalier Pattern release day and I’m excited to share my newest design with you!

Now, I really admire manicured gardens.  In fact, I really admire manicured lots of things, although as I write this I am realising that I am a particularly un-manicured kind of person… I mean, my garden is definitely not manicured.  My hair is looking particularly un-manicured at the moment… lots of greys poking through (nothing wrong with greys particularly, but my personal preference is I’d like them gone!) and I could seriously do with a style cut.  And neither are my hands manicured, now that I mention it.  (But seriously, how is it possible to have perfectly manicured hands when you’re chasing around after four kids all day, and then using them to work!?  If you know the answer, please share it with me!  Although, truth be told I probably still won’t ever have manicured hands.)

Anyway, back to the point – I really love manicured gardens.  In particular, I love espaliered plants.  In case you don’t know what this is, see a beautiful example below.  I can totally see myself in this garden, in my designer gardening clothes, picking heritage pears from my espaliered pear tree.  Can’t you?

Espalier Pears
Well, the reality is, as per my previous statement of being a particularly un-manicured type of person, I’m never going to have a beautifully espaliered plant in my garden.  But you know what?  I’ve got a better option that requires far less maintenance.  Allow me to introduce you to my newest release, the Espalier quilt pattern!

The Espalier quilt pattern is a really classic design that is, in my opinion, super versatile.  Plants really are gender and age neutral (Don’t believe me?  Check out this Palma quilt version, and this one too!) and this design suits soft and neutral for a baby’s nursery… as per this combo featuring Jemima’s, of Tied With A Ribbon, first fabric collection with Robert Kaufman, Baby On Trend…

Cushion and quilt featuring plant design in soft pinks and neutrals, sitting on blue bed.
Close up of cushion and quilt featuring plant design in soft pinks and neutrals with colourful scatter cushions in background.

Buy the Espalier Quilt pattern today!

For members of the EU, for VAT collection purposes you can purchase the downloadable Espalier Quilt pattern in my Etsy shop.

Close up of product tags on the corners of a quilt and cushion.
…bright and bold for a kid’s room… like the pattern cover sample I made with my third child in mind…
Quilt with plant design draped over chair.
I added some cute hand-quilting leaf stem detail to this version!
Close up of quilt with plant design with gingham backing showing.
… or stash-buster scrappy if you’re wanting to make a dent in your scrap bins or feel like a more traditional patchwork quilt style (which I did with these sumptuous Liberty lawn cottons)!
Quilt featuring Liberty prints on blue bed with scatter cushions in background.
Close up of quilt featuring Liberty prints on blue bed with scatter cushions in background.
Close up of quilt featuring Liberty prints.
The Espalier Quilt pattern is, as per my usual, classed as for an Intermediate sewist.  The pattern requires accurate piecing and trimming skills in order to get the stems to line up, but in saying this, that is really the hardest part to Espalier and if my experience with my other patterns holds true, there are plenty of confident beginner sewists out there who are willing to give it a shot and end up smashing the ball out of the park!  All I would say is take your time, and don’t stress if your seams aren’t perfect.  (Believe me, I’m always reminding myself of this!!)

The pattern includes two methods to make the leaves – one using a template and one without.  Of course, the pattern includes a printable (or photocopy-able for paper patterns) template, and there is even an option for an acrylic template for those who like them.

The Espalier Quilt pattern is available in paper format for brick and mortar or online stores to stock, and can be purchased wholesale through Creative Abundance.  If you’d like to have a sample of this pattern in your store, please touch base with me to discuss!

Close up of quilt being made, and fabric pieces, pattern and cutting tools.
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