How to make your fridge pretty and reduce waste with fabric covered magnets!

Ok, so it looks like I’m on a bit of a roll for coming up with ways to use up little scraps of fabric!  I have to say, this is not normal Xanthe – I’m not really a scrap user!  (Did I just admit that??  Yikes!  Don’t hate me!  I give them away!)  But these little Liberty scraps were just too pretty to pass on to someone else.  These little fabric covered magnets are super easy and a cute way to pretty up a boring old white fridge.  So let’s get to it!

What you need to make fabric covered magnets

  • Self-adhesive magnetic tape (I had this in the drawer from when I put together my fabric swatch board.  I bought it from Officeworks.  It’s 15mm wide but you could definitely use whatever size you prefer.  No rules here!  Whatever you prefer and whatever looks best for the scraps you have to use up.  You could even fussy cut some fabric for a magnet!
  • Various fabric scraps in whatever shape suits your magnetic tape.

One tip I have for you is try to avoid lighter coloured fabrics because the black magnet will be visible through light colours.

How to make fabric covered fridge magnets
fabric covered fridge magnets

How to make fabric covered magnets

  1. Cut the magnetic tape to your preferred size.  For mine I used lengths of about 1.5″ but I really just eyeballed it.  Again, no rules.  Do what works for you!
  2. Take a fabric scrap and carefully stick it wrong side down onto the sticky side of the magnetic tape.
  3. Turn the tape over and with fabric scissors carefully trim away any excess fabric.  But be careful not to cut the magnet with your fabric scissors!!!

You can check video below to watch me making my fabric covered magnets!

Et voila!  You now have fabric covered magnets for your fridge or noticeboard or any other magnetic surface you with to fancy up with these pretty little things.

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