And so this is Christmas!

What a joy Christmas has been this year!  So much fun with little ones in the house.  As per usual, I was awake with the Rosebud quite early, and it felt like a lifetime before Bubby Boy finally woke up.  I really had to stop myself from wiggling his fat little toes, or tickling his […]

Sugar-free Pancakes

I try to eat sugar-free as much as possible.  I know there’s a lot of speculation about whether sugar is really as bad as some make out, and I’ve read a lot of books about the possible effect of high sugar consumption on the body (if you’re interested, you could start with Sweet Poison and […]

Sugar free pear & hazelnut muffins

I’ll never be able to tell my kids not to play with their food.  It’s just so much fun to come up with peary, hazelnutty yumminess such as these little muffins!  Which are, of course, sugar free. Pear and Hazelnut Muffins 2 cups self-raising wholemeal flour 1 cup hazelnut meal 3 ripe pears, two finely […]

Jam Drops {Healthy style}

 If you’re a health nut, then in all your getting, get this recipe.  If you’re not a health nut, you still need to get this recipe.  These little bikkies are delicious.  I’ve tried enough healthy recipes to know that healthy does not automatically mean tasty.  In fact, in my experience it’s been quite the opposite. […]

In season

I love strawberry season.  There’s nothing more delicious than biting into a juicy, sweet strawberry.  And they are such pretty looking plants too, with their sweet little flowers and dangling runners.  So it was inevitable that I would fall in love with the inedible handmade kind after seeing them quite some time ago on some […]