Quince & Blood Orange Slice - Wife-made

Quince & Blood Orange Slice Recipe

Quince hold happy memories for me.  Whenever I see their fuzz-covered, bulgy yellow skins in the fruit section of the grocery store my mind immediately skips back in time.   …Dad, home for lunch, sitting at the kitchen table… …the brown tinge of the yellow-skinned quince sliced up in front of him… …the purse of his […]

Finding Colour Confidence with Tara Faughnan

Finding Colour Confidence | Tara Faughnan on unexpected harmony with colour value

Welcome back for the third instalment in the Finding Colour Confidence blog series!  Today we’ll be diving deep into the theories around colour and probably throwing in a few ‘loop the loops’, but first let me introduce today’s guest!  Tara Faughnan! Although, I probably don’t ACTUALLY need to introduce Tara.  If you’re a quilter it’s […]

Wife-made's Greek Chicken Soup

Greek Chicken Soup | My family recipe

It’s been raining here for about two weeks.  It’s been cold and dreary and wet, and very much ‘stay inside and watch movies and read books and eat comfort food’ weather, even though we’ve all had to keep on keeping on with the regular school life schedule.  But it’s made me want to eat Greek […]