Even though you might doubt yourself along the way.  Like when I doubted my decision to use a vintage linen and lawn cotton together in a pieced, quilted cushion top because that linen was so. darn. slippery.  Not to mention un-ravelly!


Or like when I realised I accidentally sewed the pieces together incorrectly AFTER I finished quilting the cushion top.  I actually made two cushion covers.  I haven’t pulled myself together enough yet to show you the other one.  The. Other. One.  The one that is… wrong.  I will.  One day.  One day, when I can forget the pain of seeing that misplaced square.  The anguish of the hours (oh the hours!) spent imagining and piecing and quilting.  The turmoil of weighing up whether to un-pick all the quilting and the piecing to fix that misplaced square, or to leave it – an eternal reminder of my sewing frailties…


But I am oh-so-happy with this cushion.  It shall be referred to as ‘The One’.

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