Just in case you don’t know, a Punny is a cross between a Pear and a Bunny.

Have you seen the Pears around Instagram lately?  They’re all inspired by this amazing book, Tendre Crochet by Sandrine of the blog Tournicote.

Sandrine makes the loveliest crochet items, and her patterns are easy (except they require translation from French to English.  So I’m basically fluent in French crochet terms now!).

I am currently addicted to this book.  Several evenings of late have been spent on the couch next to my husband with the lounge room light on (much to my husband’s disgust – he hates watching TV with the light on – but really, he gets my presence so that should balance things out) crocheting my little heart out.

So this little Punny is simply a combination of the pear pattern, Pirum Parum, and the ears from the pattern you can see on the book’s front cover.  I lengthened them slightly, just to make sure they had the right amount of ‘flop’ to them.  And then, of course, I added a pom-pom tail and a bunny nose.

Oh, what a wabbit!


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