If you’re a regular Wife-made follower on the Instas or Facie, you may have noticed there’s been a few changes around these parts.  The most obvious change is the new branding – which I LOVE! – but also, deep down inside ME there’s been a lot of changes happening too.  (Not pregnant.  Soz.) 

A change in inspiration

Last year I noticed a change was happening in me creatively.  My direction was changing course because my muse was no longer my baby girl (because she’s not a baby anymore! Wah!). 

My Rosie – no longer a baby

Instead, it became our home and the people (my family) who filled it.  It became about filling that little space inside me that yearns to create.  Try new things.  Be stretched.  And to be honest, it just became more about me. My own personal style and my desire to make our house a home, in a way that reflects who we are as a family, as opposed to stringently following the latest fashion trend or what a design blog says is in vogue.  And even though that doesn’t sound like a huge change in direction, it has been for me. 

It all started when I was asked to participate in something in the sewing community, which I was very happy to do and excited about.  But, when the parcel arrived and I opened it, my heart sank.  I literally felt like crying.  And it was in that moment that I realised things had changed. It wasn’t that what I’d been sent wasn’t stylish or nice to look at. It was just that at that moment I realised that my personal style was no longer reflected in a lot of what I have made through Wife-made and my blog in the past, and it was time to move on.

Wife-made Pilea Peperomiodes

I realised that I had no desire to make all the pretty things anymore. I didn’t have a little girl to dress anymore, or thinking about what a little girl might like to play with. It’s no longer where my interests lie or where I find my inspiration. And while this is all sounding very sombre and sad, it’s actually been really wonderful! It’s time for change, to focus on new things and to set a different course for Wife-made.

New branding

In the second half of last year I worked with Tabitha Emma to come up with a new and exciting (for me!) look for Wife-made. My main requirement was that I didn’t want to be restricted creatively by my branding. I wanted to be able to change directions and pivot without needing to change my branding again. The branding needed to work in lots of different genres, wherever my creative muse was leading. The new branding also had to reflect my personal style, which is quite eclectic, a bit retro, and colourful but with a neutral base.

And in my opinion, I think we nailed it.

The main logo, above, is simple, a little bit retro and that little heart very much speaks to the tagline and sentiment I try to express in everything I do with Wife-made – “With Lotsa Heart”. And I have secondary logos, like the one at the top of this blog, that I can use in different circumstances. I also have blocks set up for social media which make my life so much simpler. Now I don’t have to waste hours trying to make a meme suit my feed.

Wife-made Meme

What’s ahead?

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about what’s to come for Wife-made. There’s going to be lots of different stuff. No real plan, just plodding away at doing what I love – sewing, designing, drawing and painting. And hopefully it will all come together in the end!

So, I hope you’ll stick with me as I fumble around in the dark, so to speak, of this new creative phase. My intention is to send out a monthly newsletter, updating all my email subscribers about what’s been happening in the Wife-made corner of the world (on the blog, on Insta and Facie and just in my life in general), and also spontaneous emails regarding new products and give-aways etc. (And on that note, stay tuned for new product releases and give-aways in the next couple of weeks! You can see a hint in the top image of this post…)

What about you?

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve been through a similar change of direction, creatively. How have you managed it? Let me know if it had an impact on you when you realised things needed to change. Has it been for the better?

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