There are some things in life that should always be shared.  Firstly… cake.  Secondly… quilting books.

You can, therefore, imagine my excitement when I was asked to join in the blog tour for the release of  ‘A Piece of Cake’ by Peta Peace of the delicious blog, She Quilts A Lot, and published by Martingale, because it happens to be a quilting book with cake on the cover! My prayers have been answered!

A Piece of Cake blog tour

Peta is a super awesome gal, which I’m sure has something to do with the fact that she likes cake and writes books about quilting with cake on them, a lot to do with the fact that she gives great advice, but also probably because she’s an Aussie who lives in a city just an hour away from me.  (Some may say it also has something to do with her upbringing, but I’d say that’s negligible.)

She is also super talented, which you will be able to see when you open her book – apart from being well-written, the patterns are delightful and lend themselves to many different styles and interpretations, which is an important attribute of a successful quilt pattern, don’t you think?

As I was flipping through the book I was really excited to see that the ‘Square Peg in a Round Hole’ quilt was made with a fabric collection I happened to have sitting in my cupboard – ‘Flow’ by Zen Chic Moda.  It was a fat eighth bundle I picked up from Fifi’s Fabricology (the closest I’ve got so far to purchasing precuts!).  That dotty print on top is my absolute fave!

A Piece of Cake blog tour

Now, can I just say, when I saw the subtitle of the book, “Sweet and simple quilts from layer cake squares”, I was a little concerned because I’m THAT person who’s never actually bought pre-cuts before (apart from fat eighth/fat quarter bundles – I’m more of a yardage gal).  So if you’re like me and you don’t own any pre-cuts smaller than a fat eighth bundle and you can’t go out and buy a pre-cut bundle because a) you’re on a self-imposed fabric buying ban and you’re only holding on by a thread, or b) your husband is starting to ask what’s wrong with all the other fabric in your cupboard (they just don’t understand!!!), don’t think this book might not be for you!  All these patterns can be made with whatever you have in your cupboard.

And if you’re one of those lucky quilters who a) has a husband who gave up questioning your fabric purchasing habit long ago, or b) already owns enough pre-cuts to fill a fabric store, hit that link to Amazon above, or wherever you buy your quilting books, and BUY IT!  Also, Peta gives lots of little tips to help you make the most of your pre-cuts, which is a) great if you’re like me and can never think of ways to use up all those scraps, and b) useful information for those of you who need to be able to justify this quilty purchase.  (You’re welcome.)

A Piece of Cake blog tour

A Piece of Cake blog tour

Apart from the fact that I had to un-pick a number of seams a number of times due to sewing while experiencing significant lack of sleep, I am pretty pleased with how this little baby turned out!   I am particularly loving the addition of hand-stitching to my machine quilted projects at the moment, and as I was running low on time I decided to use the slow-stitching method to finish the binding.

A Piece of Cake blog tour

A Piece of Cake blog tour

Who said a table runner has to go on a table?  Put it on a wall for goodness sake!  Let it express itself!  Also, I feel the need to tell you that I cleaned off my entire kitchen bench to get this next photo.  And that’s saying something.

A Piece of Cake blog tour

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