Scrappy Modern Vintage Sampler Quilt

Wifemade Scrappy Modern Vintage Sampler Quilt

I mentioned secret sewing in my last post, which currently remains secret sewing, however every day gets me a little bit closer to be able to share it with you (it’s killing me!), but scarily, also closer to my deadlines.  (Eeek!)  But in between this secret sewing I’ve been doing I’ve also managed to squeeze in a bit of other stuff, including this scrappy modern vintage sampler quilt.

I’ve come to the conclusion that hanging on to fabric is a fairly futile endeavour.  Mostly because it means that I don’t have any space to put new stuff, which means I can’t buy new stuff.  And therefore, I’ve decided that it is a much wiser approach to use what I have so that I can justify future purchases.  Because we all know they are going to happen.

A very large portion of my stash currently consists of vintage fabrics.  I have an enormous love for vintage and the pairing of it with modern fabrics.  There’s something about it that makes my lil’ ol’ heart go thumpety thump.  And it always makes me a bit sad when I cut into vintage linens and there are bits that don’t make the cut, or don’t fit the shape and so get relegated to the scrap bin, or worse, the regular bin.  So with this project I am attempting to kill two birds with one stone (someone really needs to come up with a better analogy, I don’t like killing anything, let along birds!) and start using up some of my vintage fabrics, as well as those poor old scraps.

Here it is so far – there is much to do still, but I’m happy with the progress so far.  These are the first blocks I made and as I look at them I am thinking I might do another two in the same layout, but with different fabrics, to make a larger block of four.

Wifemade Scrappy Modern Vintage Sampler Quilt

I’ve been using templates out of an old quilting book I picked up at an op shop which seems to me the perfect accompaniment for a modern vintage quilt.  I love that each block is so different, and yet they still go together.

Wifemade Scrappy Modern Vintage Sampler Quilt

I haven’t got a plan for this quilt, per se.  I’m quite enjoying seeing it emerge as I flick through the old book and choose a template that takes my fancy at that moment in time.  There’s something therapeutic about sewing this way when you’ve got deadlines looming and kids screaming and a baby kicking you from the inside out.  And, sewing a sampler quilt is a great way to try new things and just practice getting your seams aligned.  I’m also going through starch like the proverbial underwear.

This block is actually a ring in from Sedef’s book ‘Quilt Petite’, which you can read more about here.  (I named it.  Just sayin’.)  I really wanted to make this Dresden block  and since I had the most perfectly sized doily to finish it off I couldn’t resist adding it to the modern vintage mix.  If I decide to have this quilted by a long-armer I can see a daisy sitting right in the middle of that doily…

Wifemade Scrappy Modern Vintage Sampler Quilt

My favourite blocks so far are the next two.  Can’t choose from these two.  They come a tie.  The orange gingham (which was once a tea cloth in a past life) looks like it was made to go with the Pam Kitty floral specifically.  And those random dots (whose name evades me at this precise moment) – I need a bolt of this I reckon!!

Wifemade Scrappy Modern Vintage Sampler QuiltBut then this lavender and aqua combination is pretty sweet!  That floral pillowcase has been very well-loved – it’s worn thin in most places and I had to strategically cut these pieces to get the best fabric from it.  I used a LOT of starch on that fabric to get it to sit properly – it was so soft and slippery from years of use.

So that’s it so far… if you’re following along on Instagram, you can see the progress of this quilt by searching for #wifemademodernvintagesamplerquilt

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