I’ve really begun to appreciate a scrappy creation.  Perhaps it’s the burden of a home loan that’s pushing me to become more thrifty – more and more I’m searching for ways to use what I have, grow it or make it from scratch.  I loved Rachel of Wooden Spoon Quilts’s Sugar Loaf block for this exact reason – it’s a great way to use up those smaller, scrappy pieces of fabric, and being foundation paper piecing it works up so nicely.

Scrappy Sugar Loaf Block Cushion

I really admire those who can make a scrappy creation look… well, good.  I really think there is a knack to it!  Check out Rita’s designs (Red Pepper Quilts) for example.  They look as though she has spent hours poring over where every single 1″ square should go.  I’m sure she hasn’t though because I’m pretty sure she sleeps.  I would love to own one of Rita’s quilts one day… saving my pennies…

To make my Sugar Loaf block cushion I used Rachel’s colour layout as my inspiration and tried to find scraps that were similar to hers and placed them in the same colour order.

Scrappy Sugar Loaf Block Cushion

I think this pattern would be perfect for little boys – it’s so hard to find nice patterns for boys!  Ones that are ‘husband-approved’ – my husband has a few things to say about how I style our boys’ rooms – absolutely no pink and nothing too vintagey (that borders on a time when baby boys were dressed in much prettier garb).  I drew the line when he told me quilts for boys were out.  I have to be able to make things for my boys too, after all, I have two of them!  So, yes, I think this pattern is masculine enough and would look pretty cute in only blues, blacks and greys.

Scrappy Sugar Loaf Block Cushion

I’ve been working in our backyard a lot lately.  As I mentioned above I really am trying to find small and relatively painless ways of saving money.  I’ve never had a green thumb, despite my Mum being a fantastic gardener.  I realise now that it is simply to do with not dedicating time to it.  As with anything, it needs time, and patience, something I’m gaining more of as I get older (not the time, that seems to disappear the older you get… or is it just the more kids you have…?  Or is it starting school…?  Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s it!).

Growing in the Wife-made garden

I don’t actually know if I’m doing the ‘right’ thing with a lot of the garden.  I’m gardening by instinct in a lot of ways, reading bits here and there when I really have no clue, but we’re starting to harvest little bits and pieces so I think I’m headed in the right direction.  I love that it also provides another opportunity to spend time with my children doing something that doesn’t involve toys and pretend play (which I am sorry to admit I do not like doing).  Lewis loves to help dig the soil for planting, checking for worms.  He yammers away talking about how much the plants have grown since yesterday.  Needless to say, we’re pretty ‘becited’ (excited) about our first lemons!

2016-06-15 11.44.13

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