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AJ Collective

Wife-made Maker Spotlight: AJ Collective

Since I started selling my wings patterns way back when (four years ago I think…???), I’ve had the wonderful privilege of seeing other people’s imaginations bring them to life in ways that I would NEVER have thought of. That’s the beauty of putting a pattern out into the world, and every now and then when […]

Wife-made Bumblebee Wings Pattern Add-on

Wife-made Bumblebee Wings!

How it can possibly be the middle of February and I haven’t been back here to let you know about my latest pattern add-on is beyond me.  And that I’m already 25 weeks through my fourth pregnancy completely evades comprehension. I feel like this year is flying by and I feel so much pressure to […]

Collaborate for a Cause Charity Auction 2016

The last couple of years I have had the privilege of participating in the Collaborate for a Cause Charity Auction.  The auction, affectionately hashtagged as #c4ac2016 on social media, is the brainchild of sewing enthusiast, Jen Kennedy.  Since 2011, this ‘little’ event has raised over $185,000 for the benefit of hundreds of charities across Australia; and to […]