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Wife-made spicy nut mix recipe

Spicy nut mix recipe | Make it and eat it!

Recently, we took a week off and went to our favourite holiday location, Cabarita Beach.  Cabarita is less than an hour’s drive south from us at the Gold Coast, but it’s one of few places where I feel like I can totally stop.  Relax.  Breathe.  De-stress.  Know what I mean?  Once we arrive we can […]

A quick and easy but satisfying Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe by Wife-made.

Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe

I have fallen in love with Dutch process cocoa powder.  It makes eating chocolate, without actually eating chocolate possible, and that is a good thing.  As such, it was the perfect addition to my Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe, that unsurprisingly contains no chocolate. This pudding is decadent.  Rich and sweet, it hits the spot when […]

Oozey Salmon Scotch Eggs

I apologise in advance for the obvious lack of ‘pretty’ in the photography for this recipe.  But I hope to redeem myself with the abundant amount of ‘yummy’ that the recipe provides (even if I do say so myself!). Salmon Scotch Eggs.  I remember eating these as a kid.  They were a real treat that […]

Creamy Bircher Muesli

Bircher muesli is not something we eat regularly, and since I’ve started cutting back on refined sugars/fructose, grains and dairy that has pretty much removed it from my list completely. However. I do love the odd bowl of porridge, particularly in Winter, but with Winter still being somewhat well around the corner (ie. it’s still […]

Wife-made’s Melomakarona Cakes

With regards to food, I don’t really feel deprived of treats or like I’m missing out anymore.  When I was still very much addicted to sugar (it was very much a part of a number of hours of every day before I began to make changes) I definitely felt like cutting out sugar was the […]

Hot Tomato & Bacon Salsa

Breakfasts in my childhood home were a varied affair. For many years, Sunday morning fare consisted of freshly baked bread, still steaming from just being taken out of the oven, dripping with melted butter and slathered in plum jam.  I can still see the brown mixing bowl my Dad used to make the bread, the […]