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Winter flus and a visit to The Farm

We’ve had about a month of illness in our family.  A whole month of wiping snotty noses, dealing out doses of Panadol (and secretly hoping that it will encourage less waking and more sleeping), and very little sewing or anything else really.  I’m choosing to look at it positively and see the beginning of school life […]

Off to the library

One of my favourite things to do on a Monday is go to our local library.  The kids love it, particularly Rosie.  We sit together at a tiny little table – kids’ size of course, so my knees are up around my ears…  And we read books. It’s fun.  It’s very relaxing.  It’s precious time together. […]


I think this Summer is going to be a stinker.  It’s already warm here, which doesn’t bode well for this little cool weather loving, hot blooded gal! *sigh* But what it does mean is outdoor fun and activities that don’t get much of a look-in in cooler weather.  Things like vegetable/finger/foot painting, for instance!  Because […]


Mondays aren’t manic in our household.  They’re a day for rest and recuperation after what is often a busy weekend.  We don’t usually go out on a Monday.  I prefer to stay at home, do a few odd jobs here and there, and just ease into the coming week.  And I love it when the […]