Patchy Wool Cushions | Art for your sofa

Patchy Wool Cushions | Art for your sofa

Art for your sofa – or your lounge or bed or wherever you want, really! That’s how I like to think of these Patchy Wool Cushions I’ve been making.

It’s been a few years now since I first started playing with wool scraps; chopping them up into smaller pieces and sewing them back together to create what I now call my Patchy Wool Cushions.

Wife-made Patchy Wool Cushion - Square
Wife-made Patchy Wool Cushion - Square

They are definitely a labour of love with all the cutting, piecing and stitching; but there is something about the colours and patterns in vintage/old wool blankets that speak to me and I love seeing them come together to create a new and unique piece.

Wife-made Patchy Wool Cushion - Square

Every single Patchy Wool Cushion I make is one of a kind, which is partly because they’re made with up-cycled, vintage wool blankets that I doubt I’d ever be able to find again, and partly because I could never want to make an identical pair. The thought is not at all appealing to me, firstly because I have a very short attention span, but also because I really like the fact that they all have their own little personality, kinda like humans. Some of us are bright and all over the place, like the rainbow styles below…

Wife-made Patchy Cushion
Wife-made Patchy Wool Cushion - Square

And some of us are a bit more relaxed and quiet, still colourful, but just a little less in your face, like these ones…

Wife-made Patchy Wool Cushion - Little Lumbar
Wife-made Patchy Wool Cushion - Big Lumbar

Bright and happy, soft and quiet; I love them all, and they all have their place. Tash from @thecolourtribe on Instagram has styled her rainbow Patchy Wool Cushion perfectly in her amazing retro house. It fits in perfectly and I love that it is being loved by someone other than me!

I like to think of these as ‘art for your sofa’ because I do spend a lot of time considering the colours and patterns I use in each cushion, as well as the placement and size of each wool piece to see how it interacts with the pieces around it. It’s a bit like a puzzle – but an enjoyable one, not like a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle that people appear to like torturing themselves with ūüėČ

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A House for a Mouse

A House for a Mouse

Let me tell you a sordid tale of forgetfulness and morning sickness and lack of sleep.

I’ve been holding a mouse hostage.

A House for a Mouse

I feel terrible for her, poor little Mousey Maileg.  And for her owners.  It was an accident, I promise!  She came with some friends for an overnight visit.  And she stayed.  And stayed.  And stayed.  Oops.

It started out as, “Sure, I can post her back to you!”

Then it became, “Now, I have to remember to go to the post office…”

And progressed to, “Shivers! ¬†I HAVE to post that mouse!”

But I’ve put an end to it. ¬†I’m posting her today. ¬†And I made the mouse a house. ¬†So her owners know I looked after her the whoooooooooooooooole time she was with me.

A House for a Mouse

Mousey’s¬†told me she likes it, so that’s a relief. ¬†I mean, it was the least I could do after putting her through such a harrowing ordeal. ¬†And it was a pretty cute and enjoyable last minute project to do!

A House for a Mouse

A House for a Mouse

I made two little mattresses for extra padding for the long trip home and to ensure Mousey gets a good night’s sleep, a patchwork duvet backed in cotton chenille, and a pillow for Mousey to rest her sleepy head on.

A House for a MouseA House for a Mouse

I used some of the last scraps of one of my favourite vintage cross-stitched table cloths. ¬†It will be sad when it’s all gone, but only the best for Mousey Maileg.

And I love the modern vintage feel it has with the modern Heather Ross Briar Rose prints mixed with the vintage orange and white check and the cross-stitch. ¬†It’s me all over.

A House for a Mouse

I gave Mousey a room with a view too. ¬†It’s a lovely sunny day, just a few clouds in the sky, enough to keep the heat down. ¬†And Mousey’s a green thumb, by the way. ¬†That gerbera flowers all year round!

And she can draw her curtains at night when it’s time for sleeping. ¬†Or when she gets tired of that happy sun shining into her room all the time.

A House for a MouseA House for a Mouse

A House for a MouseI’d love to be a fly on the wall when Mousey’s owners open the box. ¬†Hopefully they’ll be as delighted as Mousey.

A House for a Mouse

Bedroom Do-over

Bedroom Do-over

I’ve been doing a bit of work on Rosie’s bedroom.

I realised the other day I had created a monster. I had this vision, you see. This vision of vintage, thrown together with a bit of modern, a splash of colour here and there, nothing too ‘planned’, but rather a mish-mash of things that just happened to look good together. Like all those styled bedrooms you see on Pinterest that the stylist has spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on and many many hours working really hard to make it look like they didn’t… That was my vision. Without the hard work.

But instead, I created pink.  And pretty.  And vintage.  And more vintage.  And no modern.  Nope, not a scrape.

So I started again.

Well, I actually just bought some decals from Jacki at¬†Wall Effect. ¬†My friend Sarah of¬†Ric-Rac and Retro¬†convinced me to go with black, which wouldn’t have been my first choice, but now that I’ve got them, BAM! ¬†It works, baby! ¬†Sarah saw my vision, and she nailed it. ¬†Even my husband loves the dots. ¬†And so does Lewis – ‘pots’ he says whenever he seems them. ¬†But most importantly, Rosie loves them.

I love how the dots take the vintage look to a whole new level. ¬†Vintage, with a bit of modern thrown in. Why, one might even call it ‘modern vintage’.

I also threw together a brightly coloured pom-pom tassel (or pong-pongs, as Rosie calls them) to hang by the window.

And, I’ve got a ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Wall Pocket (from Ayumi Mills’ book Patchwork Please!) in the works to hang at the end of the bed.

And I feel like its on the way again…


New from old

New from old

There is nothing funner than giving new life to old linens.



If you can see past the old red wine stains or the yellow age marks, I can guarantee you’ll see new potential (or if you can’t, just send me a message and I’ll give you my postal details and you can send that vintage baby to me!



And when you team it with a modern print and silhouette – then you get zing! ¬†Then you get zang! ¬†Or ‘some’ people like to call it “modern vintage”.

Whatever you call it. ¬†It’s good.


Pattern Cred: Polly Top, By Hand London

P.S. Apologies for the lack of Mindless Mondays lately. ¬†I have been, umm, a bit umm, mindless….

Update: This tank top is now available for purchase via Wife-made on Facebook or Instagram.


Old dog, new dog

Old dog, new dog




I’ve had this pillow sitting on the chair in our dining room in the first photo, waiting to find the time to photograph it. ¬†Rosie has walked past many times asking, “Mummy, dat my pillow?” and “We put it on my bed please?”. ¬†She was quite pleased. ¬†As am I. ¬†This vintage sheet was a fantastic find, and the Briar Rose binding is a perfect, modern match. ¬†I’m still tossing up whether to add a hand-embroidered WOOF! ¬†to it somewhere… ¬†It was a late night project and since it was already 12am by the time I finished the pillow, the hand-embroidery idea had to be relegated to ‘another time’, and is very likely to be given up entirely since I’m not normally inclined to return to a project I’ve deemed as finished.

Wife-made Strudel Quilt Pattern

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