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Wife-made Patchy Wool Cushion - Square

Patchy Wool Cushions | Art for your sofa

Art for your sofa – or your lounge or bed or wherever you want, really! That’s how I like to think of these Patchy Wool Cushions I’ve been making. It’s been a few years now since I first started playing with wool scraps; chopping them up into smaller pieces and sewing them back together to […]

Wife-made Upcycled & Homemade Gifts

Upcycled and Homemade Midwife Gifts

Want to put your vintage finds to good use?  Mix up a batch of your favourite cookies and give them away! I recently gifted these vintage platters and tea cup set with some homemade Greek shortbread (Kourambiethes) to my lovely midwives.  I wrapped them up in brown paper and string and added a little hand […]

A House for a Mouse

A House for a Mouse

Let me tell you a sordid tale of forgetfulness and morning sickness and lack of sleep. I’ve been holding a mouse hostage. I feel terrible for her, poor little Mousey Maileg.  And for her owners.  It was an accident, I promise!  She came with some friends for an overnight visit.  And she stayed.  And stayed. […]