Just in case you were thinking I do nothing all day (you know, apart from looking after two kids, and attempting to keep a house dwell-able), I thought it was about time I showed you something very sweet I’ve been working on…  Snuggly warm woollen capelets!

These little capelets have a Peter Pan collar, and are fully lined in a special way so that the lining doesn’t show on the edge of the capelet.  They also feature hand-stitching around the collar with embroidery cotton.  I love their upcycled vintagey-ness!  I’ve decided that a group of these capelets surely demands a specific adjective – something like a rainbow of capelets sounds appropriate.


If you want to make your own capelet, check out Pinterest.  There are so many tutorials out there, you’ll have no worries finding one to suit your exact desires!

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