Making clothes for my little ones is one of my favourite things.

Mostly, I do it because its the best feeling ever to see your loved ones running around in things you’ve made them.  And when they say “Is dat por me, Mummy?” with eyes wide and a big smile on their face… well, you just can’t beat dat feeling.

But I have to admit, I also don’t mind the comments I get when she wears them, to which I can say, “Yes, I did make it.”.  Is that terribly narcissistic?

She (semi)happily modelled it for me.  There was still some chocolate bribery that occured, but at least there were no tears this time.

I used the Lily Bird Studio Kate dress pattern to make a basic a-line tunic style dress (so I just left out the added features of the Kate dress pattern), and I embellished the bodice with a vintage doily and changed the back of the dress to have snaps the whole way down – a bit more retro in style.  Oh! How easy are snaps when a child expects to be dressed in three seconds flat!!

Each morning Rosie comes into our room, and slides into bed beside me.  (It has to be me, not Daddy.  Not that she doesn’t love Daddy as much, its just that she’s in a Mummy phase at the moment, I think.  Daniel jokes that, in the kids’ eyes, I’m “Number One” and he’s “Number Two”.)  

She pushes me over, almost off my pillow, snuggles in beside me, and goes back to sleep (sometimes).  Sometimes she pokes me, or plays with my eyelashes, or asks me the age-old question “Mummy, are you awake?”.  Which, as you can imagine, I absolutely love at 5 o’clock in the morning.  *eye twitch*

She’s my little monkey I tell her, to which she replies “I NOT a monkey Mummy, I a big girl!”.  Oh precious.  How I love her, and her little hands and her long eyelashes and her infectious giggle and her feisty nature.  How amazing and awesome are little people?  And how blessed I am to have them in my life.


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