I remember the first time I saw Verna Mosquera’s Rosewater fabric range.  Love at first sight.  It really appealed to the part of me that loves pretty and vintage and I managed to scrape together a few dollars to buy a small amount of yardage.  I was so pleased when I saw how beautifully this vintage cross-stitch complemented the Sand Dollar print.  And a new line of vintage inspired Butterfly Wings began to form in my little head.  I’ve made a few changes to how I make them, partly out of necessity, and partly out of a desire to keep the wings evolving and to see where they take me.  In particular, I’ve added a gold spine to the outside of the wings which adds a bit of ‘bling’.

It’s such a lovely feeling to have created something right from the design phase through to the finished product.  But to look at the piece and feel content (or even ecstatic) with how it has come together…  that really is the best feeling of all.  There is nothing worse than putting your heart into something, thinking that it’s going to be awesome sauce, and then realising, actually, it isn’t awesomesauce.  But I must say, the more I create, the greater understanding and appreciation I have for the creative process.  The ups and downs, the aches and pains, the ins and outs, the stops and gos – it’s all part of it.  It gives you thinking time, mulling time, despairing time, banging your head against the sewing desk time, and, hopefully, rejoicing time.

Doesn’t that remind you of pregnancy…?

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