I’ve been fiddling for a little while now with my Butterfly Wings pattern.  I’ve been playing with size and shape, and I finally feel like I have come up with one that I’m happy with.  It’s called ‘Lacewing’, and it’s a shape and size that I think works, and which I’m happy to say will be released into the wild soon.

Even if it kills me.

Wife-made Lacewing Butterfly Wings

Wife-made Lacewing Butterfly Wings
Now, I’m telling you this because I need the push to get it done, alright?  I need everyone to know that one is coming so that if you come back here in a month’s time looking for this pattern add-on that I’m harping on about now and it ain’t finished, well, I give you permission to REALLY, VERY, OH SO politely, send me an email (or DM or PM based on your social media of preference) or leave a comment, and gently enquire as to my state of mind and general well-being, and oh, by the way, have you happened to find the time to finish that pattern add-on you briefly mentioned a while back…?

Because this week.

This week I have been to hell and back on a river of vomit in a leaky raft, and I’m lucky I’m not curled up in the foetal position rocking back and forth in the corner.  It was this close.  I’m not joking.  This week started and ended with vomit.  There was also significant vomit on Wednesday, which happens to be the middle of the week.  Yes, this week was full to OVERFLOWING with vomit.  And I’m now done with vomit.  No more vomit thanks.  Please take your terrible smells and textures and consistencies and be gone.  Because I am done.

Oh, Xanthe, you’re saying… why, oh, WHY must we discuss revolting topics when there’s such beautiful images gracing my screen?  WHY??  I know, I’m sorry, I’m done now.  But please take my point as being, Mum life can get in the way, very rudely as it happens, of the things I would much rather be doing.  You know, like rather than cleaning vomit out of my car.  Or the bath.  Or a bed.  Or, sometimes, if I’m really really really lucky, a bucket or a toilet.

Wife-made Lacewing Butterfly Wings
Wife-made Lacewing Butterfly Wings
Wife-made Lacewing Butterfly Wings
What is a pattern add-on, you ask?  (Nice segue, Xanthe, very smooth.)  A pattern add-on is how I’ve decided to release the new ‘Lacewing’ elements of my Butterfly Wings Pattern.  It won’t be a full pattern and tutorial, not like the original pattern.  When you purchase the ‘Lacewing’ document you will receive the templates for the new shape (yep, that was a plural, you sneaky devil, you caught me out, so I’ll let you in on a little secret… there will be more than one template, but that’s all I’m giving away now…), as well as instructions for anything new that isn’t explained in the first pattern.  For example, I’ll be showing you how you can attach your straps in a different way!  And maybe a couple of other things, if you’re good.  I know, exciting!

So, to be clear, you will still need to purchase the Original Butterfly Wing Pattern & Tutorial to know how to fully construct the Wings.  If you have already purchased my original pattern (aren’t you just gorgeous!), it will simply be a matter of purchasing the new ‘Lacewing’ add-on, and if you’re yet to purchase my original pattern, you can purchase them both at the same time.  Easy as pie!

So, I have put my order in for a clear schedule (meaning I won’t have to wipe any vomit off my diary) for the week ahead so that I can press on to getting this new pattern out to you!  Prayers are greatly appreciated.  As is pie, which I am now craving.

Wife-made Lacewing Butterfly Wings
Wife-made Butterfly Wings made using the Tilda ‘Painting Flowers’ line and a vintage embroidery
Modelled by Harlow of Harlow Ever After (@harlow_ever_after on Instagram)
Harlow is dressed by Evelyn Anna Handmade.
Photography by Sarah of My Heart Project (@my.heart.project on Instagram)

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